Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Hitting Cricket in Twenty20

Visiting South Africa this month I had the opportunity to watch live cricket once again. I always enjoyed cricket, but it is difficult to watch international matches while living in the USA.

I had the opportunity to watch some ICC Championship 50 over cricket and then some of the Champions League Twenty20 cricket being played in India.
Twenty20 cricket is a highly explosive form of the game which is bringing great excitement to the cricket world. The Twenty20 game allows each team only 20 overs of 6 deliveries each to make a total. This means that the batters need to make runs quickly and hit big shots off every ball. They cannot afford to miss or get no run from a shot. You can find more details on the laws of Twenty20 cricket here.

As I watched the Champions League Twenty20 cricket and some big innings from the likes of JP Duminy and Jacques Kallis, I thought it would be fun to look back at a 2007 World Championship game between India and England in which Yuvraj Singh of India, hits a six (the most runs you can get for one shot) off each ball of the over. A six is hit when the ball is hit through the air and carries over the boundry rope on the perimeter of the field. To hit a six the batter needs to hit the ball hard and high. Six spectacular sixes in one over for 36 runs. Check out the video below.

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