Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shaun White: McMission Accomplished!

King of the Hill. Master of the Half-Pipe. Call him what you will; Shaun White defended his 2006 Olympic title with a series of dominating performances in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games.

His first run scored so high that he didn't even need to break out the stunt he'd been working so hard on - the double McTwist 1260. But having locked up the gold medal, he decided to throw in this amazing trick at the end of his second run, much to the delight of the crowd. With just barely enough speed, he launched himself into the air, performed the two flips, and just barely came around on the last of the 3 1/2 spins. An analysis of the double McTwist 1260 can be found here.

After reading the analysis, check out a replay of both White's 2010 Olympic performances.
or below:

For more information on this year's team representing the USA, please visit:

Go USA!!! Go World!!! (but mainly, Go USA!) :)


joan said...

Argh, the NBC replays are available for US residents only…

Dudley Tabakin said...

Joan, We found it on Vodpod and have embedded it in the post.

joan said...

Awesome! Thanks :-)

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