Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Golf Swing Sequence

The golf swing is regularly analyzed by golf pro's using video. Each has their own explanation for what makes a good swing.

A good golf swing is the result of perfect timing and sequence. The video below gives an interesting analysis of the timing and sequence of a golf swing.

As you watch, think about the Kinematic Sequence that we have discussed in a previous post on Tiger Woods swing

The Kinematic Sequence is best measured in 3D but a simple explanation can be given.
The kinematic sequence is the sequence and timing of events in the golfers down swing that will transfer energy and speed from one body part to another and finally to the golf club to launch the golf ball.
When the 3D kinematic sequence is measured by companies such as Titleist Performance Institute, they measure the rotational velocity of the hips, shoulders, wrists and club.

On the down swing
  • The hips should start to rotate first and reach their peak rotational velocity first.
  • The shoulders should follow closely behind the hips but the shoulder rotational velocity (speed) should peak just after the hips. The shoulder velocity should also be higher than that of the hips.
  • The wrists (forearms) follow, reaching their peak after the shoulders and once again reaching a higher peak.
  • Final the club follows through the swing peaking last and with the highest velocity.

If we look at this sequence in a graph we see each rotational component leading into the next and building to the peak club head velocity.

We consider, The 3D Guy, Phil Cheetham to be the Golf Biomechanics Guru. His blog is an excellent place to learn about the kinematic sequence for golf in even more detail.

Now take a look at this video and see how the same concept is described differently.

This video is a great example of how a coach can use video analysis and explain similar concepts in a different way. The trick is to find the explanation that will help you understand what you are looking at and makes you a better player. If the idea of the kinematic sequence is confusing then maybe the idea of a multi stage rocket will make more sense.

If you are looking to do analysis and need some guidance, we can help you.

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