Monday, November 23, 2009

Kobe Bryant Perfect Trick Shot Mechanics

Kobe Bryant is one of the three best players in the NBA. However, there can be no doubt that he makes more unbelievable and impossible shots than anyone still playing professionally on a basketball court

Take a look at this one from the LA Lakers Game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. There is no need to try and spot the trick, he is shooting over the backboard.

Kobe can make these incredible shots time after time, because of two important facts.
  1. He practices making shots from almost anywhere on the court. To learn how to shoot the ball over the backboard , you need to try it and try it often. It may seem like a waste of time but professional athletes practice trick shots to give themselves more options on the field. Having a practiced trick up your sleeve also confuses your opponent who in the professional leagues has probably seen and knows how to defend the regular shots. Practicing trick shots happens in all sports. Take a look at Roger Federer and his trick shot winner at the US Open in 2009.
  2. Practice is important, but what also makes this shot and many other of Kobe's trick shots possible is that he uses flawless shooting technique. Take a closer look at his mechanics in the video above as he shoots.
  • Kobe gets up in the air and squares his shoulders so that he is facing the net.
  • He keeps his elbow high.
  • He paints the ball with his hand, allowing the ball to roll off his fingers rather than pushing it toward the basket.
  • He shoots the ball on a high arc, taking advantage of the size of the basketball rim (2X the diameter of the ball).
Take a look at this video of Kobe shooting free throws. Notice that his arm mechanics here are pretty much the same as for the over the backboard shot against the thunder. Shoulders squared to the basket, elbow high, paints the ball with his hand and launches the ball on a high arc.

By using good mechanics for all his shots, Kobe is ready to try any trick shot at any time.

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