Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lebron Will Pick Complementary Team Mates

Lebron James' Thursday night "Decision" ESPN special, has created crazy reactions from NBA fans and even normally disinterested bystanders alike. During the special, Lebron will announce the NBA team he has chosen to join or stay with, in his quest for an NBA Championship title.

Where will Lebron play the next 5 odd years? Reports suggest his decision is made and he will join Bosh and Wade in Miami, but we won't speculate or add to the confusion.

We know why Lebron can command such attention, he is a phenomenal athlete and basketball player. Along with Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant, he stands as the best of the NBA. There is little doubt that he will make any team he plays on a championship contender.

In Cleveland Lebron has contended for a number of years now, but has still not held the Larry O'Brien trophy. Whichever team he chooses, he will want team mates that complement his game by being skilled where Lebron is weak.

Lebron has very few weaknesses, but one possible weakness is his jump shot. Of course with some hard work it will improve, but if Lebron joins a team with an excellent outside shooter, he will be able to achieve quicker than if he tries to do it all himself. A dangerous skilled offensive partner will also give him more space on the floor as defenders will need to cover another great player.

So Lebron has studied the video and knows which team mates will work best for him. We expect him to join the likes of D-Wade or Derrick Rose in Chicago and benefit from their strengths.

Here is James vs Wade during the 2010 NBA season. The evidence suggests a strong partnership with every possibility of a championship.

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